I am so excited to finally have my own blog and to have found such a lovely theme. The idea for the name of the blog, “Subject to Change”, stems from my short attention span and the need to explore.

Why a blog? Two reasons I can think of.

First, I like to write and I need to write to make my oral conversation more concise and eloquent. Why waste words in oral conversation merely because I am struggling to find the right words? Better to hone my skills in recalling the right words in a written form where I am only wasting my own time to find “le mot juste” so that I sound more direct and laconic in person and don’t waste your time.

Second, I am a doctoral candidate in Computer Science at NYU and as such, am being trained as a scientist and a researcher, and scientists need to write to share their ideas with peers who can change their minds. Though this is often done in a peer-reviewed journal, many of the problems that I am interested in are more vernacular and immediate and I can’t think of a freer pulpit than a blog. But that is subject to change.